Installing APK on Android device

MAGIS- Game installation instructions 

File size: ~98Mt

Recommended devices: 2016 or newer

To avoid problems with the installation, first do the following:

1.   Change the Install unknown applications settings:

a.      Open “Settings”.

b.      Choose “Security”.

c.      Under “Device administration”, toggle  “Unknown sources” On

Installation from URL/Directly from

  1. Open browser in your phone
  2. Go to 
  3. Once on the website, tap “Download APK for Android”
  4. Choose “Download”.
  5. Find your file in Dowload folder or simply tap “Open” in the notification bar.
  6. Tap the file icon.
  7. Choose “Install”.
  8. Choose “Open”
  9. The game should be now visible in the “Applications” or “Apps”.

Installation from the computer on the phone

  1. Open in the browser. 
  2. Click   “Download APK for Android”
  3. Download APK file on the computer.

Then you may install the file on your Android device:

1.    Connect the Android device to the computer. If the device does not automatically connect to the computer, please follow the step 2.

2 (optional).  Switch device “USB” settings

a.       Open “Setting”.

c.      Find “USB connections”

d.      choose “MTP”.

3.  Wait for the possible drivers to be installed on your computer.

4.  Open the device folder on the computer..

5.  Drag or copy the APK file from your computer to the desired destination (ex. Downloads or Games folder).

6.  Disconnect your device from PC.

7. Find the APK on your device.  

  1. Tap “My files” or “File manager” icon on your device desctop. 


  1.  Go to settings and find “Storage & USB” (Android 6) or “Internal storage”

8. Once you have found your file tap on the APK file.

9. Choose “Install”

10. Choose “Open”

14. The game should be now visible in the “Applications” or “Apps”.